Welcome to one of the oldest and stupidest events to not very often be run on DayZ.

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  • Server is passworded and announced in a few places
    – The Event Teamspeak: uk-voice1.fragnet.net:10003
    TheRunningManZ Twitch
  • Be in the TeamSpeak: www.spaggie.com/ts
  • Everyone is fresh spawns, server is clean
  • Team with the first person you meet
  • Do not use TS to arrange meetups (Admins will monitor)
  • If you don’t meet anyone get to Novy Sobor Speed Dating & Trading Post
    – You must pair with the nominated partner at Speed Dating
  • You are not allowed to go into Tisy fence alone
  • Don’t forget if you on your own and you see a team of two, killing one and teaming up with the other should be your goal
  • If you die, respawn and try again
  • If something happens the rules don’t cover, get drunk and do the right thing
  • Tisy Radar King of the Hill at midnight BST
  • Winner is the team of two holding the roof of tisy radar at 12 midnight. Take a screenshot to prove you and your team mate are there.

Previous ‘Winners’

New Chernarus 30/11/19 RunDieRetry

I3ATTLEAXXE and @Rattik_

The inaugural  XBox Run Die Retry run by New Chernarus

The Mr kipsa and Paladine malone

AmishZed and Tulkasbulkas (PC)

Dominic and TheRunningManZ (PC)

Jarl and Wimpie (PC)

Joeldinho and Jarl Orkas (PC)

TheRunningManZ & Robert_Jan (PC)

47th Destroyer & edvard (this is the most winningest anyone has got) (PC)

Huttanee (kiiiinda) (PC)


We will:

Password TheRunningManZ US server
Take a backup of TheRunningManZ server
Wipe TheRunningManZ server
Set TheRunningManZ server for the event
Release the password at 8pm BST in Teamspeak, Twitters and Discords
Put the server back afterwards


Full Rules