Full Rules

Welcome to one of the oldest and stupidest events to not very often be run on DayZ.

Hello Gorgeous!

Overall Aim

Get together, play with new people, have a laugh, get drunk, love DayZ
This event is to play with new, random and exciting people, try not to pre-team
You don’t need to be good at the game, just come play. Hosted by DVS

‘Rules’ below

Meta Rules:

1. Must have a working microphone.

2. Join the spaggie TS and go into the lobby channel for the event.
( TeamSpeak details : uk-voice1.fragnet.net:10003 ). If you meet someone who doesn’t know the TS and you need them in there tell them to go to spaggie.com/ts for quick details


3. When you find a partner join one of the readied team Teamspeak rooms.

4. Room sizes are limited to promote team-play and prevent cheating…

5. If you die, start again (find a new partner etc)

Event Rules:

A. All spawns will be freshies.

B. You must partner with the first person you see, if you don’t see anyone meet someone in the Safe Zone

C. The Safe Zone is a no camping zone, go there and leave as soon as you find a partner. (killing here is frowned upon)


Event Goal:

i. King of the hill at Tisy radar building (4 hour time limit, last one there at 4 hours wins)

ii. Cannot enter tisy alone….

iii. At 4 hours a server message will be posted.

iv. Punch (lovingly) your partner  (pulse is not available atm) and take a screen shot at the top of Tisy radar with the server message. The first person to email Server Mods with the screenshot (email will be in message) will be assumed the winner along with their punched companion.


  • Judges decision is final, playing indicates acceptance of rules.
  • You should be over 16 years old to play
  • Having server messages turned on is probably a good thing
  • Places are limited
  • Normal Spaggie server rules apply
  • Judges are the server Mods, the server Mods will be playing amongst you
  • Mods are shit players so won’t win
  • Judges decision is final (in case you didn’t read it the first time)
  • Playing signifies acceptance
  • Shit might go to shit, playing accepts shit might happen.
  • Fuck the rules, have fun

Facts of life:

— Stream if possible

— Being any fucking good at the game is not a prerequisite

— After event controversy, incrimination and general whining is encouraged, but don’t be a dick, that’ll get you banned. No one wants that. If it’s not funny, you’re a dick


There may be prizes for the winning team, details later



17/04/21 Chernarus New Xbox WINNERS: Solotov3079 and Sus jerry Jr


07/01/21 Chernarus New Xbox WINNERS: Mcginn toes and TheT1mberWolf


27/09/20 Chernarus New Xbox WINNERS: Blapman and Phantom.


14/08/20 – Chernarus PC WINNERS: imBW and Badger

05/07/20 – Chernarus New on Xbox WINNERS: Teddy and Killjoy

28/03/20 – Don Sibley on Playstation WINNERS: astracs & blackfishgamer

28/03/20 – Chernarus New on Xbox WINNERS: bantamgreg & laidtorest07

Global Multiplatform Shitshow 03/01/20

Xbox New Chernarus WINNERS: bantamGreg & jjfwicks

Playstation DonSibleyGames WINNERS: @nathandeak and @BabelGhoti 

PC DVS WINNERS: @AmishZed and @RomanMan_99


New Chernarus 30/11/19 RunDieRetry

I3ATTLEAXXE and @Rattik_

The inaugural  XBox Run Die Retry run by New Chernarus

The Mr kipsa and Paladine malone

AmishZed and Tulkasbulkas (PC)

Dominic and TheRunningManZ (PC)

Jarl and Wimpie (PC)

Joeldinho and Jarl Orkas

TheRunningManZ & Robert_Jan

47th Destroyer & edvard (this is the most winningest anyone has got)

Huttanee (kiiiinda)


(Please notice how much winninger 47thDestroyer & edvard got than anyone else)