Hello Gorgeous!

Welcome to one of the oldest and stupidest (un)event to not very often be run on DayZ.


Run Die Retry has run every year since 2017 (I think there was one in 2016 but all records have been burnt), sometimes we run it twice a year, but usually it’s just the once. It’s always well attended and people seem to like it. Running it infrequently keeps it special and very often the latest wave of DayZ players have no idea what it is, which is very cool. It was important to us that there were no entrance gates, just log in and go. For the players. The whole event is even built so people can join at any time and get on with it, you can be in your first hour of DayZ and join the server with 5 minutes to go and spectacularly ‘lose’ for fun.

Even the idea of winning is diluted by having a secondary mission of getting drunk with some DayZ people in another part of the map while the eager ones run around Tisy.

It brought a lot of people together in game play stories and controversies, which is always great.

It was set up to be a ‘thing’ for a group of friends to have a laugh, to stay true to DayZ and be open to everyone, taking some cues from Survivor GameZ and adding some chaos and bewilderment. Also staying true to a lot of the ethics of our servers.

DayZ is not really an event driven game, it doesn’t lend itself easily to organisation but it was always fun to have a thing in the year even if DayZ fought tooth and nail to stop it happening

There have been many years where it’s the only event run and it kept things ticking along.

Right now there’s a lot of PC DayZ events and good luck to those people, of course, but with such a packed DayZ event calendar Run Die Retry doesn’t feel special, and that’s a shame

As ever with Run Die Retry other servers may have a go at running their flavour of it, details at the bottom of the page. (NCRP run an Xbox version for example)

‘When will the next RDR be?’
When it’s needed and that’s not right now

Love, Spag



(see more of LKPs royalty free stream music here)


Overall Aim

Get together, play with new people, have a laugh, get drunk, love DayZ
This event is to play with new, random and exciting people, try not to pre-team
You don’t need to be good at the game, just come play. Hosted by DVS

‘Rules’ below

Meta ‘Rules’:

1. Must have a working microphone.

2. Get the password (if needed)

3). Join the RDR server as a Frash Spawn

3. When you find a partner find a way to voip, we have a TS and Discord

5. If you die, start again (find a new partner etc)

Event ‘Rules’:

A. All spawns will be freshies.

B. You must partner with the first person you see, if you don’t see anyone meet someone in the Safe Zone

C. The Safe Zone is a no camping zone, go there and leave as soon as you find a partner. (killing here is frowned upon)

D. You are not allowed to enter Tisy fence without a partner

E. At midnight the server will show messages, prove you and a partner are on tisy Radar roof (usually a screenshot emailed to the nominated address)

Event Goal:

i. King of the hill at Tisy radar building (4 hour time limit, last one there at 4 hours wins)

ii. Cannot enter tisy alone….

iii. At 4 hours a server message will be posted.


  • Judges decision is final, playing indicates acceptance of rules.
  • You should be over 16 years old to play
  • Having server messages turned on is probably a good thing
  • Places are limited
  • Normal Spaggie server rules apply
  • Judges are the server Admins, the server Admins will be playing amongst you
  • Mods and Admins are shit players so won’t win, but maybe they will who cares
  • Judges decision is final (in case you didn’t read it the first time)
  • Playing signifies acceptance (in case you didn’t read it the first time)
  • Shit might go to shit, playing accepts shit might happen.
  • Fuck the rules, have fun


  • If you don’t like a bit of chaos on a friday night maybe go elsewhere

Facts of life:

— Don’t be a dick, the entire server team is having a night off probably

— Stream if possible, it helps the stream snipers no end

— We don’t know who’s going to turn up, we once ran a RDR on an open server with 6 people, it was hilarious, but tell your DayZ friends abour RDR. Please.

— Take a moment to consider all the people who give to a community, and those that take.

— Being any fucking good at the game is not a prerequisite

— All this will be forgotten in 10 or 20 years

— It’s a drunken shitshow, everyones drunk, if you’re not drunk are you even trying. Shit goes wrong, maybe something goes right, who actually cares

— Wander into the organisers discord afterwards and tell stories (remember to use line breaks)



16/10/22 Xbox NCRP Winners Fadehorror and xDith (Yes that is a car tent)

16/10/22 PC Spaggie Winners ReadySetFred and LRP and CptnPwnz

03/09/22 PC Hocken123 and DunderBerit

03/09/22 Xbox NCRP  Mickeyyy and HDA96

12/06/22 Xbox NCRP I RICXRD I and @HolyHovisBread

25/03/22 Xbox NCRP Tornbarbecue18 and Buurmeister1999

29/01/22 Xbox NCRP SpentRhino and Adsheeed WINNERS!!!

25/09/21 Xbox NCRP @Blapman_LoLS and @Unxcrnnn
Blapman 3 times RDR Champion!

17/07/21 Xbox NCRP @Blapman_LoLS and Welfare Jay


21/05/21 PC : Killer Eddie and cracksandjugs

17/04/21 Chernarus New Xbox WINNERS: Solotov3079 and Sus jerry Jr

07/01/21 Chernarus New Xbox WINNERS: Mcginn toes and TheT1mberWolf


27/09/20 Chernarus New Xbox WINNERS: Blapman and Phantom.


14/08/20 – Chernarus PC WINNERS: imBW and Badger

05/07/20 – Chernarus New on Xbox WINNERS: Teddy and Killjoy

28/03/20 – Don Sibley on Playstation WINNERS: astracs & blackfishgamer

28/03/20 – Chernarus New on Xbox WINNERS: bantamgreg & laidtorest07

Global Multiplatform Shitshow 03/01/20

Xbox New Chernarus WINNERS: bantamGreg & jjfwicks

Playstation DonSibleyGames WINNERS: @nathandeak and @BabelGhoti 

PC DVS WINNERS: @AmishZed and @RomanMan_99


New Chernarus 30/11/19 RunDieRetry

I3ATTLEAXXE and @Rattik_

The inaugural  XBox Run Die Retry run by New Chernarus

The Mr kipsa and Paladine malone

AmishZed and Tulkasbulkas (PC)

Dominic and TheRunningManZ (PC)

Jarl and Wimpie (PC)

Joeldinho and Jarl Orkas (PC)

TheRunningManZ & Robert_Jan (PC)

47th Destroyer & edvard (this is the most winningest anyone has got) (PC)

Huttanee (kiiiinda) (PC) – it’s completely brilliant that the first ‘winner’ was a lone wolf. Perfect.




We will:

Password a Spaggie server (passwords not always used)
Take a backup of the server
Setup  server for the event
Release the password or open the serverat 8pm UK time if there is one (on Discord, Twitter and this site)
Put the server back afterwards so no one gets wiped

YOU can run a Run Die Retry if you want

Please ping @Spaggie on Twitter and have a chat
You will hype the shitshow known as ‘Spaggie’s Run Die Retry’
If you @Spaggie in tweets he will help you promote the event
You will try and stay close to the ideal
After the event ping Spaggie the winners screenshot and we’ll put it on the hall of shame… the winner’s roll
Anything that happens between the start of the ‘event’ and the end is your shit to cope with
Any shit that happens after the event is for everyone to enjoy